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tv   Second Look  FOX  March 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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up next on a second look, fooling some of the people some of the time, great and not so good pranks and hoaxes. from the bbb's report on spaghetti, from a disc jockey, blocking the bay bridge to a false police call that brought the swat team to an elderly coup'll home. it's all straight ahead, tonight on a second look.
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hello and welcome to a second look. the day after tomorrow is april 1st and you know what that means. pranks for april fool's day. the museum of hoaxes, it's online, they pout together their list of the top one hundred hoaxes of all times. number one, a 1957, bb c feature story about the spaghetti harvest in switzerland. >> it was an anxious time for spaghetti farmers. generally it impairs the flavor and makes it difficult to obtain top prices. the spaghetti harvest goes forward t.cultivation is not carried out or anything like the tremendous scale of the italian industry. many of you have seen pictures of the spa get tick
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plantations. for the swiss it tends to be more of a family affair. another reason it may be a bumper year lies in the weevil ttiny creature who has caused concern in the past. after picking, the spaghetti is laid out to try in the warm alpine sun. many people are often puzzled by the fact that spaghetti is produced at uniform length. this is the result of many endeavors of those who proceeded in producing the perfect spaghetti. the harvest is marked by a tradition natural meal. then the waiters enter bear the ceremonial dish. it is, of course, spaghetti, picked earlier in the day, dried in the sun and brought fresh from garden to table. >> in 1993, ktvu's 10:00 new
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had a look at the pranks. >> accord to a southern california historian, the custom of cutting up got its start 400 years ago. since today is april fool's day, we don't know if they're pulling our leg. rain sister were out in force today. some micro systems an mountain view, who count found his pour:yesterday found it in his office today. he was laughing. in san francisco, is st. stupid parade is in honor of parking meters and civilization and organized by the church of the
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last laugh. the bay area doesn't have the market on this. in new york tjumbo tron broadcast upside down. >> on april 1 action 2007, google offered free wifi but the catch is you had to get it through your toilet. interested people were redirected to a special page. tisppolice station was an end to end system connecting wireless access through local sewage lines showed them how to install. by april 2nd the page was wiped. another of the top rated came in 1992. he said richard nixon decide today run for president again and he used audio clips of rich little and he said the campaign
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was built around the slogan i didn't do it and i won't do it again. outraged protestors called to protest the decision. it was later in the day that he told it was a joke. not all pranks happen on april 1st. crop circles appeared in farm land in 2003. one set out to discover the truth, or at least a good story. >> some who heard about the crop circles had to come look for themselves this morning and the media had to stand in line to talk to the farmer. it happened saturday morning. bo les tra, who farms 450 acres, notice add an odd dark area in the wheat field. he found a circle of flattened wheat and noticed a path about 3 feet wide heading off the
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circle. following the path he found more circles and more circles connected by straight lines, all of it created by some strange other worldly force or by someone dragging a board through a field. >> i've asked all who i thought might do something like this. >> a recent movie, signs, dramatizeed the crop circle phenomenon. mel gibson takes a walk into his corn field to find that someone or something visited diseur the night. crop circles and geometric designs were found as long ago as 1647 and are appearing world at the rate of 250 a year. this one is already drawing crop circle enthusiasts.
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one college professor makes a serious study of such things. >> one of the theories is they're made of bolts of light. i'm interested in that. >> this doesn't convert you into a belief of supernatural stuff? >> no. it's opened my mind a little about it because of the people that are curious about it and the guy that is have equipment come out and test the wheat. they have counters and they come around and test with a microscope, the nodules of the wheat. there is a big science to this. >> the most likely explanation, of course, is that this was down by some human beings with a mischevious turn of mind who wants the rest of us to believe in flying saucers. the fall out when a disc jockey decided it would be funny to block the bay bridge during height of the morning
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commute and the russians who thought it would be a great joke to steal a nuclear war head.
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tonight on a second look, pranks and hoaxes. these next two come out of a file that seemed like a good idea at the time. in 1997, a russian disarm. told a story that two drunk russian work men stole to atomic war heads as a prank. they recovered the missing war heads in a garage. it took place in a secret weapons factory in russia. they stole the weapons on a bet to see if they could do it. this one is about a disc jockey who called himself man cow. in 1993, he thought it would be funny to block the commute on the bay bridge for him to get a
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hair cut. no one else seem today find the prank funny. (the morning commute ton bay bridge is never easy but this morning it was an absolute nightmare. the rain didn't help but the major cause was a publicity stunt by radio station ksol. the california highway patrol said about 8:15 this morning, ksol van blocked all five lanes on the bridge. then a person, possibly a station employee, receive add hair cut on the scene while everyone waited. that was an apparently dig at president clinton who stopped traffic last week while getting a hair cut on air force one. >> it's ridiculous. they should go to jail.
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>> they should be cited. >> you're angry. >> i'm very angry. i was an hour late to work. >> they didn't pay me overtime for being late to work. >> the highway patrol said the vans only stopped for 12 minutes. >> it was a major concern to us, not just the obvious grid lock and excessive amount of cars but a public safety issue. ambulances count get through if needed, police. things like that. >> she's in a meeting at the moment. >> wild 107 in san francisco station management issued a comment claims they were not aware of the situation in advance and did not authorize it. appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against all employees involved. it happened during morning show by a guy hosted by man cow.
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>> it's a whole new concept in radio. we have a lot of fun. we'll do anything. >> this morning, this was man cow's message to listeners as 40 to 50,000 listeners were stuck in traffic. >> watch the news to night. >> tonight the station has suspended man cow and a producer said they're pending investigation. >> the next day, law enforcement officials responded to the stunt and we have this follow-up report. >> commuters were happier on the bay bridge this morning, traffic zipping right along, unlike yesterday morning from the stunt by ksol that brought the bridge to a standstill. >> we will not tolerate any type of blockage to a freeway.
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>> they take it so serious lithia 3 highway patrol officers marched into the radio station to gather information for possible criminal charges. for some folks the verdict is in. >> i find it to be incredibly irrelevant reresponsable. >> san francisco's district attorney, arena low smith tman who will decide whether to file criminal charges says if ksol thought bill clinton's hair cut was expense civil, wait till they find out how much this one is going to cost them. i don't find it funny. the diskok jockey that masterminded it all seemed to have fun with it yesterday when bob mole rose asked why he did it. >> bill clinton has a 45% approval rating and we have a
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hundred% approval rating. why can't we stop traffic and get our hair cut. >> they suspended muller and 2 unnamed employees. he said his actions were immature and i apologize and i'm sorry. they say they got little cooperation from ksol today and lawyers are conducting their own internal investigation. >> a man walked into a 7-11 wearing a gum by suit. the clerk said that kiss threaten today rob him. kiss claimed he never said that at all. after he surrender today police, it took the district attorney a month to charge him with miss demeanor burglary. the man with him made the same plea and part of their deal was
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that if they enrolled in school or got a job within 6 months tcharges would be dropped. when we come back, a prank phone call that brought doesens of police officers to a quiet neighborhood and one man said it was all an act of revenge aimed at him. a bit later, a washington man reveals what he thinks about big foot. when i was living without insurance, it was very scary.
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well kok back to a second look. we're taking look at pranks and hoaxes. sometimes they're not only not funny but they're criminal. we told you about a man facing a form of retaliation called swatting and how it affected his elderly pair reps. vince in the bay is an emerging internet radio celebrity. he broadcast his talk show on week nights from 9 to midnight. >> i was in favor of that because i've seen hot police officers. >> in his anything goes show, vince expects to sometimes amuse, anger and provoke his mostly young, web staph reischel audience. what he didn't expect is what some miss guided listeners did
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this spring. he was swatted. n. when i first heard the news i was immediately upset, obviously, i had a lot of rage and i wanted to lash out. (the swatter didn't aim at vince himself, but his elderly parents in silicon valley. >> they used a relay system to call in an emergency to the local police department that two men had broken in to my parent's house. 20 units were alerted, they came to the house, they shut down the street and my mother got a call saying they were outside and they were armed. she came out and was shocked to see an army of armed police officers. they raided the house and, of
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course, found nothing. >> swatting seems to be replacing doxologiesing. that's when a hacker is able to acquire and post confidential information kept on a commuter. swatting refers to police swat teams. maliciously sent to people's homes or offices under the pre text that something is wrong. the prank has been connect today ryan seacrest, justin beiber. >> this is about protect the child that is cross the street. >> mike got to has a bill moving through the legislature that adds more criminal pennant
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montrezl i add -- penalties to swatting. >> this bill specifies that it could be manslaughter if they are killed. >> people in favor of internet access caution in adding more laws to the book. >> a screwdriver is a useful tool but you could use it to steal a car. >> michael lee is a staff technologist. >> it's great if people have full internet access. protecting full speech rights is worth the risk. >> for vince in the bay, there is little solice to that. >> it was a shock to my folks who had no idea about femoral non-nam of swatting. they're innocent retire rees. >> does this man know the
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secret of big foot? he says he does and it has to do with his grandfather. >> second look on facebook and twitter.
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football players are a fear less lot unless you tell them there is an escaped gorilla in the area. watch what happened. these are college football players getting ready for the combine outside orlando, florida in 2011. it didn't take long to figure out the gore botterill la was a guy. now on to big foot. hoax or reality? some swear big foot is real. a man in washington said his grandfather's sense of humor is the source of a lot of big foot stories. we have the story in 2002. >> big foot has been the subject of lower and legend for
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a hundred years. the most notable came 35 years ago in this film. he's spawned museums, wonder and witnesses. >> i see this very tall dark haired creature swiftly, quickly walking from one tree to the next. >> what did big foot say. >> big foot has brought notoriety and income to those who have claimed to have seen him from the northwest to maryland and everywhere in between. >> if i stick my neck out as to what it is, all the reports i've gotten is human like. >> ray wallace died 2 weeks ago. his grandson jeremy remembers him as a fun loving prankster. the biggest is here in the basement. >> i think it's pretty funny.
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>> grand paw is now believe today make the story of big foot world famous almost 50 years ago. >> he's got a bunch. >> jeremy says grand paw strapped on concrete feet and walked across oregon, washington and california. he convinced a paper that the creation was real. the paper create add story and the modern big foot legend was born. ill's a secret wallace told few people. they're now going public because they're proud of their prankster. >> some scientist continue to study big foot and believe. hundreds of sightings over the years t.famous film, jeremy says item's a man in a monkey
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suit. quite possibly the world's most famous monkey suit, still in ray wallace's basement. finally tonight, not all pranks and hoaxes are played on humans. in 2004, bart aimed some of it trickery at birds. >> part of the experience of riding bart is the sound of it. the beep of an approaching train, rumble of arrival, screech of dive bombing hawks and eagles, actually the screeching sounds are new at the plaza station. bart is trying out a sound system design today chase away pigeons by scaring them with the predatory calls of birds. >> a lot of us don't want to trap and kill them. we've tried snakes, fake owls,
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fake snakes. >> sit possible they'll just catch on eventually, to the recordings. >> some station agents think they've figured this one out too. >> you can change the sounds of the birds once they figure it out. >> we saw many places in the station where pigeons had been. we saw pigeons flying near the station but the station itself was virtually pigeon free. ronald clark, who cleans up the pigeon droppings, says they'll be back because they were born here. >> they're just coming home. >> yeah and they come back. >> that keeps you employed. >> right, job security. >> you can fool some of the pigeons some of the time or all of the pigeons most of the
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time. when they catch on, bart will have saved money. >> that's a look at our second look. i'm frank somerville. we'll see you next week. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues& great terms& let's close. our best ever value plans for business just got even better. now with free broadband for a whole year.
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